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Several steps are needed to disassemble and assemble the fuel filter
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Step 1: Preparations
Operation instructions: Pull out the vehicle key and disconnect the negative pole of the power supply.

Notes: The purpose of power failure is to prevent sparks, ignite gasoline and drain the pressure of the oil pump during the disassembly process.
Step 2: Remove the filter (there are three different locations of the filter)
Case 1: In engine compartment
Description of operation:
(1) Open the hood to confirm the position of the fuel filter (usually in the vicinity of the engine, along the nozzle).
(2) Pull the plug first, then use the suitable tool sleeve to loosen the clamp ring and dismantle the filter.
Matters needing attention:
1. Release pressure before disassembly to prevent fuel ejection from the fuel pipe.
2. It's better to replace it when the car is cold. The pressure inside the tube is low. Wrap the leaked gasoline with a dry towel when replacing it.
Situation 2: In the tank
Description of operation:
Remove the rear seat and remove the dust on the cover.
(2) Disassemble the output and input tubing.
(3) When the cover plate is dismantled by the oil tank cover dismantler, the fuel filter assembly (fuel filter and gas pump are integrated) can be seen at the fuel tank mouth (some vehicles need to dismantle the fuel tank and replace it).
(4) Connect the output of the fuel filter with a hot air gun. Remove and replace the fuel filter by heating and softening the input pipe.
Notes: 1. Keep away from pyrotechnics; 2. Prevent gasoline from splashing out.
Situation 3: In the chassis
Matters needing attention:
1. It's better to release the pressure before disassembly and wrap it in a cup or towel to prevent the gasoline from ejecting from the tubing.
2. It is suggested that the exhaust pipe be disassembled and assembled under the condition of cold car, so as to avoid overheating of exhaust pipe, ignition of gasoline and low oil pressure.
Step 3: clean
Description of operation:
First, pull out the card position.
(2) Remove the inlet and outlet tubing and use cotton cloth to clean the dirt at the interface of the fuel filter tubing (outlet tubing and inlet tubing).
Notes: Avoid dirt entering the tubing and use the correct tools to remove the fixing bracket.
Step 4: Install the fuel filter
Description of operation:
1. One end of the arrow direction is connected with the oil outlet pipe, extending to the engine, and the other end is the oil inlet pipe, which is used to connect the oil tank extension pipeline. Before installation, confirm that there is no aging and cracking in the hose of oil inlet and outlet, and then insert the hose.
2. Operate the lift to lower the vehicle, connect the negative cable of the battery, tighten the anchor bolt of the negative cable with the standard moment, and then establish the oil pressure of the fuel system.
Notes: Some fuel filters are pointless.
Step 5: Reset and establish fuel system oil pressure
Operational instructions: Turn on the power switch and turn on the power supply of the oil pump to restore the fuel pressure (not driving).
Notes: To restore fuel pressure, only switch on the power supply, check the oil pipe leakage before opening the engine to prevent danger.
Step 6: leak detection
Operation instructions: Check whether there is fuel leakage in the inlet and outlet pipes of the fuel filter, and then conduct road test to confirm the repeated inspection.