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Don't just care about the oil and filter problems. These parts are not very maintainable.
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Usually when we maintain the car, we only care about the problem of oil change and machine filter. In fact, there are many parts of the car that are very important to driving safety, which should not be neglected in the maintenance.
Easy to ignore part one: steering tie rod
The loosening of steering tie rod is a serious hidden danger, which must be carefully checked during routine maintenance. Actually, it's very simple. When you hold the tie rod, shake it vigorously. If you don't shake it, it means that it works well. Otherwise, you have to change the ball head or tie rod assembly.
Easy to ignore part two: spark plug
Spark plug is divided into ordinary, platinum and iridium, and its service life is long and short, ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 kilometers. It directly affects the working condition of the engine, and has a direct relationship with the quality of the oil used. It is necessary to check its carbon deposition and clearance regularly.
Easy to ignore part three: brake disc
Brake pads are usually checked during maintenance, but the brake disc is also very important. If obvious cracks are found on the brake disc, it is necessary to replace it as soon as possible. The service life of the brake disc is directly related to the driver's driving habits and road conditions. Generally speaking, it is recommended to replace the brake disc every two times.
Easily neglected part 4: shock absorber
Oil leakage of seals is a sign of damaging shock absorbers. The obvious drop and bump during driving or the longer braking distance all indicate that there is a problem with shock absorbers. Therefore, it is necessary to check that oil leakage occurs in the wood of seals during regular maintenance and replace them in time.
Easily Neglected Part 5: Ball cage
The ball cage is also called universal joint. The ball cage sleeve is a layer of rubber sleeve which plays a protective role. Its function is to prevent dust and seal, and to prevent the loss of lubricant around the ball cage. Once damaged, it will cause dry grinding, and even lead to the scrap of the half axle. It seems that dry grinding can not be tolerated by people or cars.
Easily overlooked part 6: wheel bearings
Inspection method is very simple, lift the vehicle and release the hand brake, turn the wheel with hand force in turn, listen to whether there is a "buzz" abnormal sound, if it does not represent everything is normal.
This inspection method is EASY. Let the repairman lift the car and release the hand brake. Turn the wheel vigorously to see if you can hear the abnormal noise. If you don't have it, everything will be fine.
Easily Neglected Part 7: Exhaust Pipe
The exhaust pipe is often rubbed under the car carelessly. Don't forget its existence during the overhaul, especially when refitting the car.
For most car owners, maintenance is limited to the places they can see, ignoring a lot of parts closely related to safety. Once an accident happens, they pay a huge price. So when car owners and friends maintain, pay more attention to these small details.
Easily Neglected Part 8: Engine Carbon Deposition
Cars run on different roads, stop-and-go, and many substances in gasoline can not be completely burned. Carbon deposits will occur in all parts of the engine. Carbon deposits need to be cleaned regularly to maintain the best state of the engine.
Many car owners have a misunderstanding that carbon deposit must be too much for the engine to run and clean, or even for the three-way catalytic blockage of many car owners to clean. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. Carbon deposit should be cleaned regularly to maintain the state of love car, and to extend the service life. Here, the focus is to remind the public car owners, remember to clear carbon deposit. 。