Superior quality
What are the hazards of inferior filters
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Low-quality air-conditioning filters are liable to cause illness in vehicle personnel
The main function of the air conditioning filter is to filter out all kinds of particulates and toxic gases in the air passing through the air conditioning and ventilation system. To put it visually, it is like the "lungs" of a car breathing, conveying air to the carriage. If using inferior air-conditioning filters, it is equivalent to installing a bad "lung", unable to effectively isolate toxic gases in the air, and grade-prone to mildew and bacteria, in such an environment for a long time, will have a negative impact on their own and family health.
Generally speaking, air-conditioning filters are replaced every 5,000-10,000 kilometers or every time in summer and winter. If the air dust is large, the replacement cycle can be shortened according to the situation.
Imperfect oil filters can cause serious engine wear and tear
The function of oil filter is to remove harmful impurities from the oil from the oil pan. Clean oil is used to supply crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, supercharger, piston ring and other moving parts to lubricate, cool and clean, thus prolonging the life of these parts. If inferior oil filters are selected, impurities in the oil will enter the engine bin, which will eventually lead to serious engine wear and tear and need to go back to the factory for overhaul.
Low-quality air filters increase fuel consumption and reduce vehicle power
There are various foreign bodies in the atmosphere, such as leaves, dust, sand and so on. If these foreign bodies enter the combustion chamber of the engine, they will increase the wear of the engine and reduce the service life of the engine. Air filter is an automotive component used to filter the air entering the combustion chamber. If the inferior air filter is selected, the intake resistance will increase and the engine power will decrease. Or increase fuel consumption, and it is easy to produce carbon deposits.
Low-quality fuel filters can cause vehicles to fail to start
The function of fuel filter is to remove solid impurities such as iron oxide and dust contained in fuel and prevent blockage of fuel system (especially nozzle). If poor quality fuel filter is used, impurities in fuel can not be effectively filtered, which will lead to blockage of the oil pipeline, and the vehicle will be unable to start because of insufficient fuel pressure.