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Explain the principle of regular replacement of three filters and oil
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Why do you need to replace the three filters and oil? What impact will it have on the vehicle? For these problems, we briefly explain the importance of routine maintenance and the impact of these items on vehicles, and hope that the majority of car owners can understand the role of maintenance for the long-term use of vehicles.
1. Why change engine oil?
First of all, lubrication and wear reduction, there will certainly be friction between parts, wear over time, oil can help reduce friction between parts! Another is to achieve cooling effect. Generally speaking, when working, the temperature in the fuel tank is usually very high. Oil can bring heat back to the fuel tank and then distribute it into the air to help the water tank cool the engine, so this is very useful. It also has the function of cleaning and cleaning, generally speaking, the engine will have impurities for a long time, people will get sick for a long time, not to mention the engine, and good oil can take these impurities away with the flow of oil, wash away dirt. By the way, it also has the function of sealing and leak-proof. As we all know, this is the characteristic of oil. It can isolate water and air. Oil can form a sealing ring between piston and piston ring, so that the impurities outside can't come in and the gas can't leak out. It further improves the degree of rust prevention and corrosion prevention. It's a shock absorber. When the pressure of engine cylinder head rises sharply, the load on piston, piston chip, connecting rod and crankshaft bearings is very heavy. This load passes through the transmission lubrication of bearings, so that the impact load can play a cushioning role.
What are the hazards if you don't change the oil?
Ordinary cars change oil every 5000 kilometers or 1W5 kilometers. If the oil is good, they can adjust the cycle ~~If they don't change the oil for a long time, not only the oil will deteriorate, but there must be a lot of impurities in it. If these impurities come out of the engine when it is running, machinery The wear and tear will be greater, and even cause internal damage to the engine. If you change the engine then, it's not really a small sum of money. It's better to change the car directly. In the routine maintenance of vehicles equipped with gasoline engines, the most frequent replacements are three filters and oil filters, among which three filters refer to gasoline filters, air filters and oil filters. Their functions are to filter impurities in gasoline, air and oil to prevent impurities from entering the engine and causing engine differences. Frequent wear or abnormal work occurs. The ultimate purpose of replacing the three filters is to better protect the engine and extend the service life of the engine as far as possible. This is also the most routine maintenance project.
2. Why change the oil filter?
Understanding things, of course, must start from its most basic role, or you do not even know what it is, how to make good use of it! Oil filter is used to remove impurities from oil pan, lubricate, clean and prolong the life of parts.
Damage of changing oil filter element from time to time
If not replaced in time, the impurities will accelerate the wear and tear of the parts. So remember, when you change the oil, change the filter by the way.
3. Why change the air filter?
Function of air filter element
As the name implies, the air filter must be to filter the impurities in the air. If those impurities go directly into the engine cylinder to burn, the engine will soon be worn out, so it will be "short-lived". The filter elements of air filters on the market are divided into dry filter and wet filter. Dry filter elements are commonly used. When slightly polluted, they can be blown clean by compressed air. If it's serious, we'll have to change it. There is no definite replacement time. But the longest should not exceed one year, or 1W5km.
Problems with non-changing air filters
Think about it, a lot of impurities are scraped on top of the filter element, and the intake resistance will certainly increase greatly, won't it? This will make the engine running worse, fuel consumption will be greater, and will produce carbon deposit oh! So remember to change the air filter!
4. Why change the air conditioning filter?
The Function of Air Conditioning Filter
Air conditioning, of course, must also absorb air from the outside first, so we must ensure that the air inside the car is fresh and odorless. Generally speaking, the air conditioning filter element can filter impurities, pollen, odor, moisture, etc. to protect the car from germs, and the important thing is to protect the people in the car from allergies
Harm of not replacing air conditioning filter element
If you don't change it for a long time, just like the air filter, the air intake will certainly decrease without explanation. What's more, it will also breed bacteria, which will make the car smell bad, and will also breathe out a lot of bacteria, which is definitely super uncomfortable! Generally speaking, it's better to change it once a year.
So car owners'friends say that maintenance is not important? Of course, these are all minor maintenance. Some major maintenance, such as changing timing belts, brake pads, spark plugs, and so on, is not always clear to me. Because the car is a machine, the machine runs with wear and tear, and the necessary maintenance will make the machine run better.
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