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How to Maintain the Filter of Automatic Transmission Oil
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Filter is the key item when we do maintenance for automobiles. Oil filter, air filter and fuel filter, the so-called "three filters" maintenance of I has always been the focus of attention. In addition to these three commonly used filters, there is also a transmission oil filter, its maintenance is probably seldom mentioned!
In the process of daily inspection and maintenance of automobiles, oil filters for transmission are seldom mentioned. Unless they are damaged and affect the operation of transmission, the overhaul of transmission is easily overlooked. Because in most cases, oil filters for transmission are not as easy to replace as oil, air or fuel filters. In fact, because of the automatic transmission oil, the ATF filter is a device to protect the second largest assembly of the car, so it should be kept clean or replaced in time according to the replacement cycle recommended by its manufacturer.
Automatic transmission usually uses paper filters, felt filters or membrane filters to remove dirt from its oil. Asian automobile manufacturers prefer to use membrane filters, while European and American manufacturers prefer paper or felt filters.
Some automobile manufacturers have introduced long-life or maintenance-free transmission. These transmissions have no oil gauge device, and under normal maintenance, the replacement cycle of ATF and filter can reach 160,000 km/h. However, in such harsh driving environments as short distance, stop-and-go conditions, high temperature or dust, and heavy haul trailers, the conservative maintenance and replacement cycle is only 80,000 km/h.
For ATF filters, we ordinary owners are unable to judge their own performance, unlike oil filters, which need to be replaced with random oil, and unlike air filters, which can be taken down and cleaned by themselves. Oil filters for transmission can only rely on the inspection tips of maintenance personnel in the process of overhaul. This also reminds us that car owners should have a basic knowledge of car maintenance and repair, so that they can speak in car maintenance, otherwise, it will always have an impact on the use of repairs when parts are out of order.