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Brief Introduction of Air Filter
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The function of fuel filter is to filter the fuel (gasoline, diesel oil) needed for engine combustion, prevent harmful particles and moisture from entering the engine, such as dust, metal powder, etc. in order to protect the oil pump nozzle, cylinder liner and piston ring, reduce wear and avoid blockage. Even though diesel oil is clean after precipitation and filtration before it is added to the fuel tank of diesel engine, during the refueling process, diesel oil will still be polluted due to factors such as refueling tools, refueling environment, unclean mouth of the fuel tank, and during the operation of diesel engine, due to impurities deposited in the fuel system and dust suspended in the air. It also pollutes the diesel fuel, so the diesel filter on the car is indispensable, not to mention that diesel fuel is not really clean before it is added to the tank. There are three types of fuel filters: diesel filters, gasoline filters and natural gas filters.
Gasoline filter is divided into carburetor type and electronic injection type. The gasoline engine with carburetor is located at the inlet side of the oil pump. The working pressure of the gasoline filter is low. The nylon shell is generally used. The gasoline filter of the electronic injection engine is located at the outlet side of the oil pump. The working pressure is high and the metal shell is usually used.
The filter element of gasoline filter mostly uses filter paper, but also uses nylon cloth and macromolecule material.
The structure of diesel filter is roughly the same as that of oil filter. There are two kinds of diesel filter: replaceable filter and rotary filter. The requirement of working pressure and oil temperature resistance is much lower than that of oil filter, but the requirement of filtration efficiency is much higher than that of oil filter. The filter element of diesel filter is mostly made of filter paper, and some are made of felt or polymer material.
The function of diesel filter: diesel filter is to filter impurities in diesel oil and protect precise parts such as pumps and nozzles in fuel system. Fuel pump nozzle is the most precise part in engine (matching clearance is only 1.5-2um). It requires no impurities in diesel oil. Once there are impurities in the fuel pump and nozzle, blocking damage will occur, which will lead to poor atomization of diesel, reduce engine power, increase fuel consumption or automatic shutdown.
In addition to filtering mechanical impurities in diesel oil, diesel filter also has an important function of filtering water. The existence of water is harmful to the fuel supply system of diesel engine, which can lead to rust, wear, damage to cylinder piston rings and even cylinder pulling, and worsen the combustion process of diesel.
According to the different densities of water and fuel, the diesel oil filtration system separates water through flow direction control technology (gravity sedimentation principle) to achieve the effect of filtering water. The water removal mode of diesel filter system is mainly precipitation in mechanical fuel system. There are also diffusion cone and filter screen in diesel precipitator.
For more than three emission requirements in China, diesel engines mostly use high pressure common rail fuel system, and filter paper is mostly used for dewatering.
Oil-water separator has other functions, such as pre-heating fuel to prevent wax deposition, filtering impurities, etc.
The working principle of diesel filter: The working principle of diesel filter is similar to that of oil filter. The difference is that diesel filter has no bypass valve and check valve. Diesel oil filters for automobiles have the function of separating oil from water. The main function of diesel oil filters is to remove water from diesel oil, so as to reduce the failure of fuel injectors and prolong the service life of engines.