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Principle and Maintenance of Filter
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Fuel filter is a pipeline in series between natural oil pump and throttle valve body inlet. The function of fuel filter is to remove solid impurities such as iron oxide and dust contained in fuel, and to prevent blockage of fuel system (especially nozzle). Reduce mechanical wear, ensure the stable operation of the engine, improve reliability. The structure of the fuel tank is composed of an aluminium shell and a stainless steel bracket. The bracket is equipped with high efficiency filter paper, which is chrysanthemum-shaped to increase the flow area. EFI filters can not be used with carburetor filters. Because the EFI filter often withstands the fuel pressure of 200-300 KPA, the pressure strength of the filter is generally required to exceed 500 KPA, while the carburetor filter is not necessary to achieve such a high pressure.
However, the oil filter must be replaced every 30,000 kilometers. If the fuel contains impurities, the driving distance will be shortened correspondingly. The arrow of the fuel filter housing indicates the direction of fuel flow. When installing the fuel filter, it is not allowed to be installed. It has to be replaced even if it works very short in the loading state.
Maintenance Air Filter
The air filter is located on the right side of the engine compartment (i.e. above the right front wheel, the black square plastic box connected by a thick soft rubber hose of the arm).
The disassembly method is very simple (considering that the owner often disassembles and cleans the car, and the general model will not be fixed with screw): gently break the metal clip facing the rear direction, the whole air filter cover can be broken forward, and the filter core can be removed for cleaning.
It may involve the rubber hose with the thick arm, which can be loosened by screwing one end of the pipe clamp with a cross screw batch.
If you encounter other obstacles, remove them carefully. If you don't have experience, you'd better ask someone to take you back.
Air filters are cleaned up every three months or after long-distance sand and dust roads. Take out the air filter element and knock out the dust. Blow it with a high pressure air nozzle (be careful not to be too close, or use a bicycle air pump, or use a soft brush). And blow out the intake box.
Air filter element should not be washed.
No water should be left in the intake box.
Old air filters must be replaced.
The demolition process must be remembered, the installation should be smooth, if there is any discomfort, we should find out the reason to continue, do not use brute force. If you can't decide, you can not install the filter element first, as long as you take out the fragments in the box, cover it back, and drive to the repair shop will not be a problem.
Oil filter for maintenance
During the use of internal combustion engines, mechanical impurities such as dust, metal debris, carbon cleaning and so on are constantly mixed into the oil. At the same time, the oxidation of air and combustion exhaust gas on the oil will also cause the oil to gradually produce colloid. The mixing of mechanical impurities and colloid will also form sludge, which will not only accelerate the wear of moving parts, but also easily cause oil path. Clogging. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the oil, the engine is equipped with an organic oil filter in the lubrication system.
At present, most car engines use rotary oil filters, which are non-removable disposable filters. Otherwise, the quality of lubricating oil will be affected.
Principle Classification Test of Oil Filter Diesel Filter
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The engine has three kinds of filters: air, oil and fuel. They are generally called "three filters". They are responsible for the filtration of medium in engine intake system, lubrication system and combustion system respectively.
1. air cleaner
1.1 Concept and Classification
The air filter is located in the engine intake system. It is an assembly consisting of one or several clean air filter components. Its main function is to filter out harmful impurities in the air which will enter the cylinder, so as to reduce the early wear and tear of the cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and valve seat. There are two types of air filters, dry and wet.
Dry air filters are filters that separate impurities from the air through a dry filter element, such as paper filter. The air filters used in light vehicles (including cars and minicars) are generally single-stage. Its shape is flat circle or ellipse and flat plate. The filter material is filter paper or nonwovens. The end cover of the filter element is metal or polyurethane, and the shell material is metal or plastic. At rated air volume flow rate, the original filtration efficiency of the filter element should not be less than 99.5%. Heavy duty trucks must have most air filters because of their harsh working conditions. The first stage is a cyclone pre-filter (such as blade ring, cyclone tube, etc.), which is used to remove impurities from coarse particles. The filtration efficiency is more than 80%. The second stage is a micro-porous paper filter (commonly referred to as the main filter), and its filtration efficiency is more than 99.5%. The main filter element is followed by a safety filter element. Its function is to prevent dust from entering the engine when installing and replacing the main filter element or when the main filter element is accidentally damaged. Safety cores are mostly made of non-woven fabrics, and filter paper is also used.
Wet air filter includes oil-immersed type and oil-bath type.
Oil-immersed filter is used to separate impurities from the air through an oil-immersed filter core. The filter core material includes wire fabric and foaming material.
Oil bath is to introduce the dust-laden air into the oil tank and remove most of the dust. Then, when the oil-laden air flows upward through a wire-wound filter element, the oil droplets and the trapped dust return to the oil tank together. Oil-bath air filters are now commonly used in agricultural institutions and marine power.
1.2 Filter Parameter Index
1) Air flow (per cubic meter/minute)