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Installation instructions for filters
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Preparatory steps: (for pre-filtering with relevant accessories)
Pull the wiring on the old filter connecting heater and water level sensor out of the socket to prevent damage during disassembly.
Step 1: Hold the filter with a tool.
Use special wrench gloves in the middle of the maximum diameter position of the filter irrigation, shrink to the appropriate position to lock.
Step 2: Remove the filter
Unscrew the old filter and unscrew the water level sensor or water cup. Place it in the designated place for treatment.
Note: Fill the filter with oil and don't throw it away at will.
Step 3: Install water level sensor or water cup (for pre-filtration with relevant accessories)
Tighten the water level sensor or water cup on the new filter.
The fourth step: oil injection.
Clean diesel oil is added into the oil inlet hole of the upper support plate of the filter, and the diesel oil is directly injected into the threaded hole at rest.
Note: The amount of oil injection should be easy to operate without oil spill during assembly.
Step 5: Rubber Ring with Lubricating Oil
Rubber rings are coated with lubricating oil.
Note: Not much, too much spillover will affect the appearance.
Step 6: Check the connecting shaft
If loose, tighten the connecting shaft and check whether the position of the connector is correct. If there is a mistake, you can reset it by hand.
Note: The loose connection shaft of the heater will cause the filter to fall off during operation.
Step 7: Tighten the filter
Tighten 1.5-2 turns with assembly tools
Note: Contact the rectangular ring with the filter seat and compress slightly before tightening 1.5-2 cycles. Too loose will leak oil.
Step 8: Pump oil (for pre-filtration)
Over open air screw, press hand pump exhaust, pump oil. After filling the whole oil pipeline with oil, lock the deflation screw.
Step 9: Connect the wiring between heater and water level sensor. (For pre-filtering with related accessories)
Step 10: Start the generator